Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About our Products

Are your products vegan?

Our products are vegan and produced without any dairy, eggs, and other animal derived ingredients such as gelatine, honey, cochineal red. We do our best to check all our ingredient labels but please note that some of our raw materials are produced in factories that also produce dairy based products. For example, the chocolate we use is dairy-free but dairy chocolate might also be produced in the same place. Some of our ingredients might be accidentally vegan like Lotus Biscuits or Oreos.

What about palm oil?

Palm oil is a tricky beast and we do not add or use any palm oil in our products. However, some of the products we use (e.g. Oreos) contain palm oil and unfortunately, unless we make everything from scratch or use far more expensive products, we are not able to move away from palm oil completely. However, we are always on the looking to improve our practices and we welcome constructive suggestions on alternatives.

Are you egg and dairy free? 

Yes! We do not have any eggs or dairy products on our premises. However, as mentioned above, some of our products may contain traces of egg or dairy depending on how it has been produced. 

Are you gluten-free?

We are pleased to say that we now offer some gluten-free products. We continue to work on providing gluten-free treats but please note that our premises contain wheat and cereal products. 

What about nuts?

Some of our products do not contain nuts. We have indicated those that are nut free. Please do note that we process nuts in our premises and there might be traces of nuts in our nut-free products. Please consume at your discretion.



Can I collect your products?

Yes! We now have our own little baking space at 699 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton. You are welcome to arrange a collection between 10.30-1.30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Please select the required date and time at the product page.

Delivery Information

Every brownie order is shipped overnight using NZ Post courier service. This is tracked but not signed postage. We also offer rural deliveries. Please select the required postage at checkout. Even though it is an overnight service, please allow for an extra day to receive your baked goods.