How are you allergen-friendly?

How is Willow Cake Bar allergen-friendly?

We are a plant-based bakery meaning by default we do not use eggs or dairy in our baking. We also offer gluten-free (by ingredient) treats. This means that our gluten-free treats do not have any gluten products in the ingredients. However, because we are a bakery that handles wheat, cereal, biscuits etc, wheat products will be present in the premises. We also have several treats that are nut-free but again, we do use nuts in some of our baking.

Our Processes - How We Bake Gluten-Free Treats

Our bake day starts with baking our gluten-free products first. This means that the bakery will have limited wheat products being used prior and so limits potential cross contamination.

All our GF flour and products are kept separately to minimize contamination. As a rule in our bakery, we always use a new utensil to measure out ingredients. For example, if we used a scoop for nuts, we will not use the same scoop to measure chocolate chips. In this way, we minimize cross contamination as much as possible. 


Please note that while we are as mindful as possible to ensure that our treats are allergen-friendly, we cannot guarantee that our products are completely free of trace ingredients. For example the chocolate we use is dairy-free but also produced in the same factory as dairy chocolate. For customers with severe allergies to dairy, egg, nuts or gluten, we advise that you purchase at your discretion and consume with caution. Thank you very much